Saturday, September 19, 2020

Bityard Exchange Review 2020 - The world’s leading cryptocurrency contracts exchange

Today, I share some of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world in addition to famous exchanges. Based on the huge number of Trade, the number of participants and commissions as well as the integration of a digital platform that allows fast, secure transactions.

These cryptocurrency exchanges fully meet the following factors:

  • The exchange has the most users
  • Prestige, Safety, Security
  • Good User Support (supports many countries)
  • Having a clear address and company address.
  • High Liquidity, High trading volume.

You are a person who loves investing, exchanging, trading cryptocurrencies like BTC, USDT ETH ... It is absolutely possible to choose these exchanges to make a profit for you.
Or you want to get a commission from affiliate marketing can also participate. Signing up is easy, you can get a number of USDT when completing the registration steps (KYC, Email verification, security ..) before joining Trade on it.
I will illustrate through real photos when I look into the details of cryptocurrency exchanges soon:

Top popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Here, I will not talk about well-known exchanges, but introduce cryptocurrency exchanges that are not inferior to traditional exchanges, even more prominent.


Bityard is a cryptocurrency contract exchange operated by a fund in Singapore. Currently, the floor has been present in more than 150 countries
Currently, the floor has been licensed from the United States, Singapore, Australia, Estonia:
MSB (Money Service Business)
ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority)
Estonia's MTR
AUTRAC (Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center)

Some highlights of Bityard floor

Support multiple security features 2FA, multi-signature (Multi-Signature), assets stored by cold wallet, ...
Friendly interface, easy to register for an account with only 30s.
Support for top-up via electronic cash with various payment channels
Quick contract transactions with a minimum of 5 USDT.
There are mobile apps on Android and IOS
Support leverage from 20-100.
More specifically, this broker allows users to mine cryptocurrencies for free, and a BONUS 258 USDT for free when registration is completed.

Types of fees when dealing

When you trade on the floor, there are two types of fees: position opening fee and overnight fee:
1. Funds for opening positions = margin * (leverage-1) * 0.15%
2. Overnight charge = deposit amount * (leverage-1) * 0.045% * number of days
You can join the registration and start Trade that by signing up for an account easily via the link below

Điểm 4.6/5 dựa vào 87 đánh giá
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