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Make money online with ClipClaps on phone easily - $ 300 - $ 400

Make money online on the platform to watch videos or upload videos is now a hot trend, simply easy makes money as well as does not need much effort and give us exciting moments of entertainment. And today I will share how to make passive money by watching funny videos on the phone app.

If you are free, you can earn from $300 to $400 or more, if you follow your instructions. Because, there have been quite a lot of articles and video tutorials, but most are not specific, do not go into tips to help you make a lot of money.

Withdraw money on ClipClaps application

In this article I do not explain the App in-depth and not to mention Tiktok because in this app when you watch videos I cannot earn money, I am making money for video producers and on Tiktok want to make money right have a certain amount of view

And in this article, I will guide you to make money online with ClipClaps, a great video-watching application for entertainment and extra income.

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Why do I say that, because after registering an account, ClipClaps allows you to make money without any conditions, we just need to scroll down (no need to watch videos) when enough seconds run below the screen. phone, then we will be given a certain number of points to convert into USD, The longer you see the more points and money exchange up to $ 10.

That's just surfing the video (there are many funny videos that keep us entertained). And if you have a video or upload, if there are many people watching you have an income that can not count as 1 view and 1 Point, I will guide you on how to have videos or attract viewers on the side. below.

Guide to making money online on ClipClaps to have a great income

First, you click on the link: CLIPCLAPS

It redirects to the above link for Android, then you press and Get It On Google Play it redirects itself to CH Play offline. iPhone, Appstore.

After installing the App, you can log in using a phone number or FacebookThen enter the Redeem code as shown in the image below: (Enter the Redeem code: 92VQJA4F to receive $ 1 now)


Watch videos making money on ClipClaps application

That's it, now you can click on the Video section to start surfing and earn Points to exchange for a dollar, when we surf from top to bottom to not watch or watch, as long as it runs out of seconds, we will be chests. Now you click on Rewards to open Point and coupon to exchange $ offline, up to $ 10 there. It also has a Spin section for us to spin prizes from $ 0.05 to $ 10.

Upload videos to make money with ClipClaps

You can make a lot of money by producing videos on ClipClaps by doing the following:
You can find videos somewhere that are mostly humorous, or photos (also make a short video of about 23 seconds to pour it) For medical videos that you have downloaded from the internet, which can not be uploaded after more than 2 minutes, then we use App Quik - Video Editor (this can also help to make videos from photos) to shorten.

Once I have the video, I have 2 ways to upload

1. In the video, you do as shown


2 Personal pages

Click Me => My upload and upload videos only. And this is my video, this video is 1.2m ~ 11 $


Recommend it to friends

This earns quite a lot of Points and votes that the brothers do the following: Click
on Me at the Clapcode: copy the orange code and paste it after and send it to a friend. For example

How to convert points into money in ClipClaps

After getting a lot of Points, you guys do the following

Click on the number of Point on the left-hand corner of the screen => CASH EXCHANGE to exchange money and withdraw offline

How to withdraw money on ClipClaps

To withdraw money, you must have a Paypal payment gateway because this is a beautiful app that can only withdraw to Paypal and from Paypal, we withdraw to ATM. To sign up for Paypal, you search on Google or Youtube, there are many simple guides. Then, press Cash Out, choose the amount you want to withdraw, then enter your registered Email address Paypal and withdraw. Here it has a payment threshold of $ 0.10 to $ 50. I advise you not to withdraw at a low threshold.

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