Monday, March 23, 2020

How to register a Coinsbit account to receive 30000 tokens for $ 300/free

Today, I will guide you to register and KYC exchange to receive 30000 CNG token equivalent to $ 300 for free.

Make money online with free easily, just you pass KYC then you will withdraw your tokens 30000 CNG equivalent to $ 300

3 months ago I pulled out $ 1200 in CNB tokens also in this exchange.

Check out my proof of payment:

Currently, COINSBIT.IO has a new token project called CNB, they are PA for a game producer, so the huge reward is worth $ 300 for registration when you pass KYC then you will withdraw your tokens

This is a picture they advertise on Youtube

And here is the reward for each referral:

+ Receive 30,000 CNG Tokens approximately 300 USD for each Level 1 Referral

+ Receive 15,000 CNG Tokens approximately $ 150 for each Level 2 Referral

+ Receive 7,500 CNG Tokens approximately 75 USD for each Level 3 Referral

+ Receive 5,000 CNG Tokens approximately $50 for each level 4 Referral

+ Receive 2,500 CNG Tokens approximately $ 25 for each Level 5 Referral

What is

After the highly successful CNB token token project ended in January, a lot of people drew millions. Coinsbit continues to produce CNG projects even worse than CNB with huge rewards.

Instructions to register coinsbit floor get $ 300 free

When you pass KYC then you will withdraw your tokens, you withdraw to E-wallet, if you do not have, you can create an account on Bityar for free, reputable withdrawals


Sign up to make money online for free at

Go to the confirmation email, if the main box does not have a link, you go to Spam mail.
In case the email does not receive you do not worry please register with another email. Because some mail has been blocked.

Login (Drag the captcha as directed)

First, you go to the homepage:

Enter the information, then enter the email and get the code to fill in the message box

Then log in => my account => VERIFICATION

+ With the NAME AND CONTACT tab

Please enter the complete information correctly


Please upload your Passport, if KYC with your passport you can bypass the national ID and driver's license

Go to Selfie with ID photo

Make sure you capture the face and the winch with the words in it


03.21.2020 (This is the current day)

Then click Submit

Wait for them to review 24h. If successful you will get $ 300 for free in the account, without approval they will send a notification email and please verify again

When you pass KYC then you will withdraw your tokens = $ 300

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