Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Share app/script Auto claim auto CLAIM on mobile - desktop Easy

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You will not have to spend time clicking for a bitcoin mouse on
While you are sleeping or playing, it will do it all for you, when you install this app on your phone and Desktop

FREEBITCO to create an account FREE REGISTER

Auto Claim on mobiles

This is the most optimized version, has the latest version on CH play, but that App cannot be auto, it switches to their news website. So please download the file in this Mediafire


It is easy to use without any errors or errors, this helps you earn effective bitcoin without missing any time
Here are some interfaces of this app. Note it is completely free to use on mobile phones.

When the download and installation is complete, open it up, including videos with detailed instructions

Auto on Desktop

And I also share the javascript source code to auto claim on your computer please read and follow
Step 1: Install Addon addon custom javascript to Chrome => click here

Script auto claim freebitco 

function auto(){
var myEle = document.getElementsByClassName('countdown_show2');
setInterval(auto, 1000);

Step  2: Once the addons installed, look at the top right-hand corner of the browser and click on the icon it will show as shown below

Download the file below to your computer, open with notepad, and copy the paste source code is finished every 60 minutes it will automatically claim, even if you open another tab will not affect. It only works on freebitco site.

Good luck!

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